Areas of Practice

Exclusively Family Law

We are focused solely on family law matters.  Jana Wheeler prides herself on narrowly focusing her attention on complicated family law matters including the following areas of service:


Jana Wheeler has handled many divorces.  Whether your divorce is hotly contested or a mutual separation, Jana Wheeler can lead you through your divorce to reach a positive outcome for clients.  Whether that be through mediation, informal settlement agreement, or trial, Jana Wheeler will advocate for you.

Custody Battles

Are you facing a battle for your child? Attorneys throw terms around such as custody, possession, access, child support, medical support, dependent for tax purposes. Jana Wheeler can help you understand the process, the terminology and get your through this battle to get you closer to your goals.  Jana Wheeler is here to help you in your custody fight!  

Child Support

 Whether you are a mom who needs child support, an increase in child support, enforcement of child support, or a parent who needs a reduction in their child support obligation, Jana Wheeler can help you with these matters.  

Name Changes

Do you want your last name changed?  Or do you want your entire name changed?  Jana Wheeler has experience with name changes and can help you with this endeavor.  Jana Wheeler has successfully changed the names of multiple individuals.


If you've been contemplating adoption, why wait any longer to help a child in need?  Wheeler Law is honored to serve you in finally adopting the child you've contemplated.  Come in for a consultation to see how we can help you.